About Us

About Us

ginny-caroHaving slaved at our careers in very large companies for well over 20 years, in 2010 we both yearned for a change of pace and direction and wanted to leverage our shared interest in food.

We were inspired by nature and our culinary heritage and set out to rediscover the pleasure of wild, native or ancient fruits from this country that had perhaps been overlooked in this age of perfect strawberries all year round and hang the air miles.

We also wanted to make food that would taste homemade because it was wholesome and natural.  No thickeners, unnecessary flavourings or other additives.  Small batches, produced by hand as you would at home.

And so, in March 2011, having spent an autumn picking fruit till we could barely move and a winter boiling away like witches at their cauldrons, we started selling our traditional accompaniments for meats and cheeses under the name Wild at Heart.

We were completely blown away by the response from our customers, the press and serious food experts and have gradually built up a loyal customer base through local farm shops, delis and butchers.

We hope you will join them in trying our products.

Ginny Knox and Caro Willson

PS: We are members of Produced in Kent, as the vast majority of our fruits, shoots and leaves come from West Kent – and we support their “buy 10% local” campaign.

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