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At Wild at Heart, we are delighted to make award-winning English food – delicious sauces, condiments and preserves made from traditionally wild and native fruits, shoots and leaves. Although many of our products are quite “original”, they are inspired by centuries-old ways of preserving and pairing up foods and flavours which grow in the same area, so that even in the depths of winter, food can be enlivened by a touch of pure, delicious, summer sunshine.

We are particularly proud of our newer lines: Wild Garlic Pesto made with Kentish garlic leaves and a vegetarian version of Parmesan cheese, gorgeous Nettle Pesto with garlic & lemon, (fantastic with new potatoes), Elderflower Preserve, created with crab apples and thousands of wild, English elderflower petals – and Pickled Samphire, using the best, Essex marsh samphire and a secret blend of herbs and spices. Equally though, we love our traditional gems, like Crab Apple Jelly, made from punchy, Kentish crab apples, which has proved capable of transporting people back 50 years, to the delights of their grandmother’s kitchen!

Our ingredients lists are simple, as we aim to let our hero fruits, shoots and leaves sing for themselves. As you might expect, our products are cooked by hand in small batches. They contain lots of fruit and other good things, but no artificial additives of any kind, as that’s how they taste best. Most of our ingredients come directly from local farmers and growers in Kent, known personally to us. Others come from wild, natural and sustainable habitats where we have permission to forage.

In 2015 our Hedgerow Mincemeat won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards. This joins our great Taste Awards for Elderflower Preserve, (2014), Medlar Jelly and Damson Cheese, (2013) and Wild Plum Chutney and Crab Apple Jelly which won stars in 2011. Also in 2015, Wild Garlic Pesto won first prize in the Great British Food Farm Produce Awards for the savoury condiments category.


The Hedgerow Cookbook

Gathering food with friends or family, bringing it home and making something fabulous to eat has to be one of life’s most ancient and pleasurable rituals.  It connects us with our culture, our land and our history.  It reminds us of what food should be: natural, local and fresh. Many of us have picked blackberries at some point in our lives but how many have gone beyond that and tried a wild leaf salad, a homemade damson fool or nettle dumplings?

Wild at Heart’s book is a recipe book first and foremost, and we hope that you will be encouraged to take a walk and see what you can find growing near you, whether in the town or the countryside, and that you will be inspired to come home and cook up a real treat to share with your nearest and dearest.

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